Thanks to technology, you may not find anyone without carrying Laptops and notebooks. It has become the need of an hour and any profession and task are incomplete without the same. Technology is coming up with new innovations every day, earlier it came with desktops, then laptops and then notebooks. It is allowing devices to be smaller and slimmer. Yet they have the ability to perform similar tasks as performed by their heavier counterparts. And this is the difference between laptops and notebook.

Difference between Laptops and notebook

For most of us, Laptops and notebooks are the same things. For a layman like u,s it is the name of two different names for a similar thing. At first, it may sound true but actually, it is not. The difference lies in the size and weight of the both. However, not only size is smaller but components are lighter in order to overcome the issues related to speed.

Notebooks are not even six pounds as well as can easily fit in a briefcase. It is easier to travel with a notebook as you need not carry a separate bag for the same. However, the small size does not mean that it has fewer functions and has less ability to perform. It has got everything that you will find your full-fledged personal computer. Unlike computers, you need not keep them connected with power every time. All you need to do is to charge it on regular basis.

As far as laptops are a concern, there is initial designs to be similar to desktops but with mobility. If we talk about initial days, laptops had more features and better battery backup as compared to notebooks. Now as the technology has progressed there lies no significant difference in its functioning, processors, as well as systems. The only difference lies in the portability, rest everything is similar between laptops and notebook.


  1. like mobile phones have evolved from having qwerty keypad to full touch screan, laptops are evolving in the same manner. We can say notebooks are laptops__.


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